Attending Cheerleading Camps together Makes Them Fun and Creates Unity


cheer camp
I remember going to cheerleading camp with my senior high school squad. Our team moms made certain we had matching uniforms, water bottles, and also other essentials. We loaded on a Monday morning, and headed to camp held in a college campus a few hours from where we lived. I was all very excited to go to camp, although we actually did not know what to expect. On reflection, camp was really a great experience, and it was worth taking the time to attend.

cheer camp spring tx
Prior to at risk of camp, we held a fund raiser to fund the camp tuition by holding our very own miniature day camp for little girls. We showed them how to do cheers, dances, and elementary stunts. We also gave all the participants a shirt for coming. Your children loved it. There were a lot of fun at the camp, and we earned the money we needed to go to our own camp.

There are several advantages for going to cheerleading camp as a squad. First off, we gained a sense of unity as we worked together. We roomed, ate, and practiced together. We decorated spirit sticks and created new cheers of your. The camp had workshops to instruct us dances, cheers, and stunts. We learned each others’ weaknesses and strengths, and helped the other to perfect what we learned.

At the conclusion of the camp, we performed that which you learned in a camp competition. I can’t remember anymore how we did, but I can say for sure that we had a lot of fun and we came home with many new, exciting routines for pep rallies and games. This is another advantage of cheerleading camps. Should your squad goes annually, you will always have trendy dances and cheers to display. Your squad won’t get bored with a limited number of chants.

I do believe I can speak for the entire squad when I say that by visiting a week long training camp, we gained more experience and confidence for cheering. This obviously affected the whole school year making it each of us better cheerleaders.

Camps are likely to be held during the summer. This is a good idea to form your squad some time in the spring so you will have time to work together and get to know each other before attending a camp to insure you will get the most out of your camp experience.

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